Aquarium Poetry Links

These are some of the links that helped me alot in building my own aquaristic experience. I hope they will help you find the way towards responsible fish-keeping. Happy fish-keeping!!!


Aquarium Links

Aqua Hobby - The Age Of Aquariums
includes fine articles, fish and plant gallery, the most objective fish-keeping forum and more!!!

UKAPS Planted Forum

Reef Central
Great Reef Forum and more - see for your self :-)

the ultimate Swedish fish-keepers site, with a great forum and more!!!

Freshwater Aquarium Fish
Johnny Jensen's photographic gallery

Practical Fishkeeping
is a very good magazine-site with lots of interesting info!

The Cichlid Gallery
some well written DIY illustrated articles!

Celestial Pearl Danio
forum dedicated to the newly discovered fish - Celestichthys margaritatus aka Galaxy rasbora or Microrasbora sp. 'Galaxy'.

Planted Aquarium

The Barr Report
Tom Barr & The Plant Guru Team - See for your self :-)

Aquatic Gardeners Association, Inc.
A brilliant aquascaping contests with lots of great photos and ideas + forum. A 100% planted site!

plant ID and info! A must see!

The Planted Tank
a very good plant forum!

Freshwater Aquarium Plants
a very good plant info!

Aquarium Plants
great info on how to successfully grow aquatic plants! My Favorite link!!!

Natural Aquariums
lots of good info about plants!

Planted - Tank Resources
as the name applies...check for your self!

Greg Watson
a place to get plant fertilisers (for USA and Canada) - PMDD!

PMDD - växtgödning för akvarium
a place to get plant fertiliser in Sweden - PMDD!

Art of Aquascaping

Aqua Botanic
a very nice planted tank gallery!

Takashi Amano
the ultimate art of aquascaping !!! See for your self!

ADA Nature Aquarium Gallery in Japan
More Amano tanks

T. Amano 1
more of his work

T. Amano 2
more work

Oliver Knott
the aqua creator!

Luis Navarro
illustrated steps - how to aquascape an aquarium!

Algae/microorganism Links

Botanic Gardens Trust
100% info on all sorts of algae!!!

Images of Freshwater Algae
algae ID!!!

Microscopy UK
ID photos and info, very good site.

Amateur Microscopy

Aquarium Photography

2la Online Photos
great photography!!!

Max Strandberg
fascinating photos!!!

Andrea Penna
good photos!

Invertebrate Links

shrimp, crayfish and crab discussion forum!!!

Shrimp now
shrimp forum

shrimp ID (in German)!!!

Crusta 10
a great shrimp, crab, crayfish...etc.ID! (in German)

Mike Noren
you would like to breed Amano Shrimps, but you don't know how!

Procambarus fallax
Crayfish - in German (Marmorkrebs)

Procambarus alleni
Crayfish - in English (Electric Blue Crayfish)

Australian crustaceans
interesting crayfish spp. from Australia and New Guinea

Crayfish World
crayfish ID and more

Mimbon Aquarium
invertebrate photos and info - German site

Välkommen i räkträsket!
shopping shrimps in Sweden Shop
shopping shrimps, crayfish, crabs, snails... in Germany

Swedish low (crayfish) + more

crusta ID

Shrimp facts and ID
in Polish

Shrimp Photos
Swedish page

Blue Crayfish
photos and info about blue crayfish spp.

Tokyo Blue Claws
crayfish in Japanese - photos

Internet Information Resources

Suesswasser Krebse
Forum and info in German

Global Invasive Species Database
Aphanomyces astaci (Crayfish fungus) !!!

Caridina Serrata information
good info on how to care for them

Breeding Sesarma bidens
the Red Claw Mangrove Crab aka Pseudosesarma moeshi

Extra Sesarma bidens info

Marine Links - forum and more

Chuck's Addiction - A Hitch Hikers Guide to the Reefs

More Links

Chuck's Planted Aquarium Pages

Vicki's Place

Rate My Fish Tank

Aquatic Scape

Conversion tools

Aquarium Bloggers

The Aquatic Cafe
if you feel like having a nice aquatic cocktail this evening, this is a the right place for you.
Please feel free to enter :-)

Aquazine - Blog Aquariofilia
nice aquascape ideas and many aquascaping links

Aquatic Eden
aquariums, supplies, fish, and everything in between.

Elos Europe Aquascaping
The aquascaping craftsman from Brazil, Filipe Oliveira FAAO :-)

Aquarium Products

Aquatic Nature
great program for fresh and marine aquariums as well for pond fish.
I am very satisfied with it :-)
See The Difference...